Think of a boat. Better still, to take the vision to the extreme, think of a sailboat, its navigation made up of skids and inclinations, on both sides. Here, try to put your kitchen, that of your home – as it is – under the deck of a sailboat in full navigation. What do you see? We see drawers that open and close, dropping cutlery, rolling pins and tablecloths. We see a fridge that suddenly opens wide and which, with the right roll , empties completely on the ground. And again, we see dishes crashing to the ground, spice jars rolling happily here and there, not to mention any pots on the stove – off, for heaven’s sake.

Of course, when decorating a boat , beauty and design are absolutely to be taken into consideration. But first of all it is necessary to think about the practicality of everything, the functionality of every single piece of furniture, its effective ‘nautical nature’.

By boat – when we are not talking about huge and luxurious mega yachts, there is no room for frivolity, nor for the superfluous. And the reasons are two, both of which are well known: spaces are limited, and the sea does not offer the necessary stability for too sophisticated furnishing accessories. Do you want to insert a white chest of drawers with blue knobs in your cabin? If it’s not too big, if you anchor it properly and if you position it correctly, you can certainly do it. Do you want to change the spruce table for a mahogany one? Again, you can do it. But you must be sure to eliminate all that is superfluous and frankly frivolous you are thinking of including in the furniture of your boat.

This does not mean, of course, that the furnishing of a boat does not have to follow a specific style. The furnishings of your sailing boat, for example, can be chosen following the classic ‘old navy ‘ style, which goes well with the narrow but characteristic spaces of these boats. Your choices will therefore be oriented towards darker and perhaps aged woods, which will be enriched by shiny brass finishes, as well as by some functional lamp which, despite its practicality, could recall the old oil lamps that illuminated the old galleons , giving a very special atmosphere to your square.

And if the ‘old navy’ style goes perfectly with sailing boats – especially with medium-sized ones – there is no doubt that, in the case of yachts, the trend is to look not at the past but instead at the present. , choosing the furnishing elements based on the main trends of contemporary design . We will therefore select accessories and elegant materials, able to underline and enhance the spaciousness of the spaces, recalling the marine style at most in terms of color, with an intelligent use of white, light blue and blue, creating, where possible, fascinating plays of light in correspondence with the windows.

In all cases, common sense must always prevail when choosing furniture for a boat. In fact, it is not just a small and slightly ‘unstable’ space. The boat is also a place of consolidated habits and sharing, where all the spaces must be studied in detail to guarantee a life on board which, otherwise, can become difficult.